Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wish me luck

When my doctor said I should have a routine screening colonoscopy, I said I couldn't handle the prep, it would bring back traumatic memories. She said she thought there was a way to do it with medication only. I went and talked to the doctor she recommended, and we modified the standard prep plan into something I felt I could handle. It was an interesting conversation because I went into it feeling comfortable standing up for my limits and he didn't try to argue with me but instead was much more flexible that you would expect from the instructions. Anyway, we scheduled the procedure for tomorrow.

So I've been on clear liquids all day. I've been checking my blood sugar a lot (probably 10 times so far) and finding that it tends to be lower than I want (under 90) and I have to drink more juice to keep it up. I've kept it level enough that I don't feel particularly hungry, though I miss food.

But the part where I need luck is the weather. The current forecast is for freezing rain and sleet tonight and I am supposed to be at the hospital 10 miles away at 7 am. I called the doctor's office and they said he is on call tonight so if I can get there he will be there. So I decided not to cancel. But it will be pretty frustrating if I do the prep tonight and we have an ice storm and I can't get there tomorrow.

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