Wednesday, August 05, 2009

feeling burdened

I've made plans to give away our cat tomorrow--John doesn't like her around because she demands attention. I'm not strongly attached to her but it is still a sad thing to do. I think I have found a good home, at least, someone who really cares about cats.

We are supposedly on vacation in North Carolina and John still seems to enjoy being here, though his hiking is really slowing down. I went back home yesterday and will go again tomorrow to deal with work and house matters. I'm worried I should be there today to look for anything in the rewiring that isn't the way I want it. I forgot to check yesterday whether they moved a switch I wanted moved--I know they didn't move another one. The good news is that they are hoping to be done today with the rewiring.

Our son missed his plane home from Spain Saturday and I had a hairraising time getting him scheduled for a flight the next day. But he is now home and with us on vacation. Next step is to get the details worked out to take him to start college at the end of the month.

I went to a Lewy Body support group yesterday, though I didn't stay the whole time because I wanted to get back to North Carolina for dinner. Still, I liked the other people and I talked about how confusing it has been for me.