Friday, June 23, 2017

Road Trip!

A lovely civil rights memorial in Montgomery Alabama where we stopped for dinner the first night, then oysters in Louisiana for lunch the next day.

We stayed in Houston with a friend of John's, who had three kittens!

 Some interesting museum sights in Houston:

 We stayed with friends in College Station then visited John's grandfather's grave:

In Austin we met up with John's brother and his son by his second marriage 
and sprinkled a little of John's ashes on his parents' grave

 On our way out from Austin to Dallas we stopped at Waco Mammoth National Monument, which is well worth a stop
 A lovely water garden in Fort Worth by Phillip Johnson

This was one of the sights we found on the RoadTrippers app

 Two interesting chapels in northwestern Arkansas

And then one of our goals, the Crystal Bridges Museum


 The civil rights museum was closed on Tuesday but in Memphis we went to a scale model of the Mississippi river and the National Ornamental Metal Museum

We particularly enjoyed the Hampson Museum State Park in Wilson, AR
for beautiful artifacts from Mississipian Native American Cultures


 No pictures allowed in the National Quilt Museum, which was excellent, but then we crossed the Ohio river and made a stop in Metropolis
And then on to Olney Illinois


 We visited the grave of Aunt Florence's parents (John's maternal grandparents) 
and the remains of the bird sanctuary that had brought him to Olney

And then on to Louisville, where we walked on a footbridge over the river
went to the art museum, and did a Bourbon tour