Monday, November 02, 2009

Not sure of anything

My packing went well Sunday but it was hard today to have to deal with last minute renovation questions and my job as well as getting ready to move. I can't tell whether John is going to be ready to move or not. I suggested he might want to stay in a hotel the night before moving day but he didn't think that would be necessary. I may suggest it more forcefully.

Today he asked me if he needs to cancel physical therapy and massage appointments on moving day. I told him yes. I think moving day is going to be overwhelming for me trying to make sure everything ends up in the right place. I also told John that in the two or three days after we move, the woman who is helping us pack and unpack would put away his clothes and set up his partial kitchen without him if he made other plans in the afternoons.

I got some packing done today I had been avoiding, but now I'm feeling discouraged. The big chunks are getting done but that makes the small scattered things more visible. And the most unreliable person I hire, who was a big help Friday, didn't show up today.

I have people who offer to help, but I don't know what to ask for. I'm thinking I want to organize a picture moving and hanging party for Friday (after the movers move the boxes and furniture next Tuesday). What can I get a 12 year old boy who really wants work to do? Do I want friends to help on moving day or do I need to be able to focus on telling the movers what to do?