Wednesday, April 20, 2011

more medical stuff

After John had to go to urgent care because he couldn't urinate, I have been increasingly thinking that he needs to go ahead and have surgery to fix the scarring from his previous surgery for benign prostate enlargement.  He has been resisting the idea, then focused on wanting to go to a different urologist who might try to avoid surgery.  He got a recommendation of a urologist from a friend, and we saw that doctor yesterday for a second opinion.  The doctor said John needs surgery, and this time he accepted that.  He said he had lost trust in his other doctor and wants this doctor to do it, which is ok with me (a 45 minute drive instead of 20 minutes but not too much of a problem). The next step is a cystoscopy to look more carefully at what is going on and decide exactly what kind of surgery, but the doctor did say they could do the surgery with spinal anesthesia, not a general.  The doctor was kind enough to squeeze John into his schedule for the cystoscopy in early May.

I had to write a letter to my doctor to get my test (endometrial biopsy) moved up to before we go out of town, but I did get that scheduled for May 16.  My letter took the approach that it isn't that I am panicked about cancer but rather I am worried about having a precancerous condition and having them recommend a hysterectomy, which I would need to have scheduled as early as possibly in July.  I'm glad my letter worked, but I also have a "gulp" reaction that my worries are realistic.

So it isn't going to be a fun summer.  After his surgery, John is likely to have a foley catheter for at least a week, so he will be not able to do much for himself for at least that long.  I fear that if I need a hysterectomy, I will not be able to have the easier surgery because I have a largish calcified fibriod, so that could be 6 weeks of recovery before I am supposed to lift more than 5 pounds.

Friday, April 08, 2011

life is complicated

This is my place to vent--if you get tired of my complaining stick to what I post on Facebook, which is more balanced.

I've had a frustrating time with my doctor's office about my test results.  When I hadn't heard back in a week about a test done in their office, I called.  I didn't get a call back until 6 pm, and then I got a message saying that my uterine lining was too thick and they want to do an endometrial biopsy, and I should call in the morning to schedule.  When I called, they said someone would call me right back.  When I hadn't heard in an hour I called again.  Turned out the nurse wanted to talk to me to make sure I understood the procedure.  She did answer my question, said there would be some cramping.  Then she transferred my call to the person making appointments.  The first appointment available was the day I need to leave to drive up to Concord.  So I couldn't get an appointment until late June, though I did ask to be called if there was a cancellation.

I'm frustrated to have to wait that long--I don't like living with uncertainty either about whether something is wrong or about whether having to do something more could affect my summer plans.  I'm not much worried about cancer--there isn't a lot in my family and I got tested at the first sign of problems.  There is a good chance that it is nothing.  But what I'm worried about is some kind of mild precancerous state that would mean a difficult decision if they recommend a hysterectomy.

I did tell John.  I realize that thinking he would worry is wishful thinking--he is off in his own world and my issues don't much register.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

more TMI--John's urologist visit

On Saturday John was unable to empty his bladder and had to go to the urgent care center and get a catheter put in.  He hardly wanted to get out of his chair while it was in.  Today he went to the urologist and got it removed, but when we went back in the afternoon he wasn't emptying well.  We talked a lot about what to do and he really wanted to try and see if he would be ok without it, though the nurse practioner thought it would be better to put it back in for a while.  The compromise finally was that they taught himself to cath himself instead of using that kind that stays in (Foley catheter).  He didn't like the experience, but what a relief to think that he won't have to go to the emergency room if he can't void at all.