Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fluoride in drinking water

I am trying not to become a health nut, but the more you know the more there is to avoid.  I am a believer in the benefits of fluoridation of water for teeth, but now that I am taking Iodine I do think it would help to limit my exposure to fluoride to help the iodine get to where it is needed (fluorine is chemically similar enough to block the receptors).  So I wondered about getting spring water.  I just did some research, and Poland Springs water has about .1 mg/liter fluoride.  My local city water shows .53 mg/liter in the latest test results.  I found a 2011 news story saying the government is lowering recommended fluoride levels to .7 mg/liter.  So not a high priority--my city water is on the low side.  I do use a filter pitcher because I dislike the clorine taste, but filter pitchers do not remove fluoride.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

25 years later

Yesterday was our 25th wedding anniversary (which I forgot until today), and as I thought about that time I was curious to see how much I had changed.  So I scanned a wedding photo and found one from a recent photo shoot with a very similar smile, though a slightly different angle.  I used photoshop to adjust sizes, brightness, and contrast and blurr the more recent one to make them more similar.

I'm not sure what I conclude.  In some ways I am amazed by how little I have changed.  In other ways I think I look frighteningly young in the wedding photo (particularly considering that I was 31).  How much do people usually change?