Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fluoride in drinking water

I am trying not to become a health nut, but the more you know the more there is to avoid.  I am a believer in the benefits of fluoridation of water for teeth, but now that I am taking Iodine I do think it would help to limit my exposure to fluoride to help the iodine get to where it is needed (fluorine is chemically similar enough to block the receptors).  So I wondered about getting spring water.  I just did some research, and Poland Springs water has about .1 mg/liter fluoride.  My local city water shows .53 mg/liter in the latest test results.  I found a 2011 news story saying the government is lowering recommended fluoride levels to .7 mg/liter.  So not a high priority--my city water is on the low side.  I do use a filter pitcher because I dislike the clorine taste, but filter pitchers do not remove fluoride.

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G said...

You might consider mixing half spring water with half distilled water to bring the fluoride levels even lower. Don't forget that fluoride is also absorbed through the skin when bathing, showering, or swimming in a fluoridated swimming pool. Your skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs toxins it comes into contact with. Fluoride is also absorbed through the tissues of the mouth and under the tongue, like sub-lingual Vitamin B-12. If you live in America, fluoride is also found in most all your foods and beverages too. It just isn't required to be labeled. Fluoride is in pesticide residue on fresh produce unless you buy organic. It is in the polluted air we breathe. It is in pharmaceuticals like Prozac (95% fluoride). Fluoride is really hard to avoid in America as it is in most everything but distilled water. No wonder so many Americans are now on thyroid medications. Fluoride will eventually destroy the thyroid glands of many people.