Monday, January 07, 2008

radical ideas

Your self-acceptance does not magically negate someone else’s conformity; instead, it threatens to show that conformity for what it is (a punishing survival strategy in an oppressive culture) instead of what it’s idealized as (moral superiority, work ethic, individualism). It is much, much easier intellectually to blame yourself for not fitting in than to realize that the whole system has been rigged all along.
From a post by sweetmachine at Shapely Prose.

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Joann said...

I thought of this blog today, when observing an African-American fellow with the whole "jail house" designer clothing. I think sub cultures definitely pressure folks to accommodate to the "norm." What I find interesting is a place called Second Life, where you can create your character as you wish with the attributes you might idealize. In a virtual world, peopele are very creative and much more free to express him/herself, yet many hang on to the values of real life. It's an interesting placet to "visit."