Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I'm terrible at remembering names myself, so it never offends me when someone has trouble with names (though sometimes I'm not sure what to do). I usually swim in the same lane as Patti, and our new swim coach tends to get us mixed up. Today we were doing butterfly, which is actually one of my better strokes, if only because I only learned it a year and half ago so I don't have so many bad habits. I finished a set and the swim coach starts saying "great job, Patti." Patti was swimming in the next lane because we have a new person (yah!) and so I turned almost 180 degrees to smile at Patti. Then I saw she was swimming half way down the lane and I realized he was talking to me. He realized his mistake when I turned around to look at Patti and said "I mean Pam." I must admit it didn't occur to me that he was talking to me.

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Anonymous said...

I went on a 34 mile ride this past saturday with a new group and repeated each persons name as I was introduced. There were about 12 of them.
I remembered 3 names.
The group leader who is in his 70's, the one black racer looking guy, and another guy who I thought was "John" but was really Jim.
I am of the, "don't call me by my name 'cause I won't be calling you by your's" school of thought! LOL
It's a fault but it's not the worst one I could have :)