Sunday, May 28, 2006

lake swim

We are catching a plane late this morning, so I swam at 7 am in the lake from our dock. I asked an email group last year about swimming alone, and it was interesting the split between people who said never swim alone and people who said they do. I've feared I would die twice in the water, but in one case I fell into 40 degree water and in the other I got caught in a current carrying me away from the beach. In our lake I think the only risk is being hit by a boat, but this morning the only one I saw was still, fishing. I use a flourescent green swim cap.

The lake is a bit low and I had to wade out in ankle deep mud and swim 10 yards or so in water less than 2 feet deep. The yuck factor and not being used to open water left me startling every time my hand hit a stick. I worried for a while about dead fish, but didn't see any. I did hit one significant floating log, but by that time I had calmed down considerably and didn't panic too much. It ended up a nice steady swim.

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SaintMartha said...

I think it is very brave to swim in dark water. I could never do it...I am fearful of what lurks below.

I found your blog through The Beautiful Diabetic. I am a fellow Type 2.