Thursday, June 01, 2006

monthly totals

swimming: 15 workouts, 17 hours 46 minues
biking: 9 workouts for 198 miles in 15:57
running: 13 workouts for 64 miles in 13:50
total time 47:33 or 10.7 hours a week

Today at swimming we ended up with a silly relay. The first person swam 50 yards freestyle with one leg bent at the knee and the foot sticking out of the water. The second person swam 25 yards doggy paddle and 25 yards elementary backstroke (moving both arms at the same time). The third person swam 25 yards freestyle and 25 yards corkscrew. I was the third person, and corkscrew is when you take one arm stroke on your stomach then roll over to your back for the next arm stroke then roll over to your stomach for the next arm stroke and so on. I had never done it before and it turned out to be easy to get into the rhythm. But after about 20 yards I was so dizzy I ran into the lane line and came to a dead stop. My team would have won the relay if I had just made it to the end of the pool.


Isis said...

You don't realize it, but you actually had a scary talent for corkscrew. The silly stroke is DESIGNED to make you feel that bad. That you made it that far without crashing into the line had those of us on the deck astonished.

Pem said...

You are just trying to trick me--if you convince me I am good at it I will be willing to do it again the next time. :-)

Isis said...

Heh: that is a good idea, but not really what I was trying to do. But you are devious--I like that!