Friday, May 26, 2006

yet another boarding school

My daughter and I are going to visit Emma Willard School Monday. I have done research on women's education but I wasn't pushing my daughter to consider an all-girls school. The way I finally found my place socially, when I got to college, was by being one of the boys, plus I can't imagine my daughter being hesitant to speak up in class because there are boys in the class. But she read the material Emma Willard School sent, and she was convinced to be interested by the argument for the benefits of a girls school. It will be very interesting to see what she thinks of it when we visit.

I picked Emma Willard as the girls' school to get information from because I had done a little work on its history: Amos Eaton at The Rennselear Institute (now RPI) was the first to have students do their own experiments and the idea was first copied by the Troy Female Seminary, now Emma Willard. It turns out it also has the highest SAT average of any all-female boarding school.

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