Monday, March 07, 2005


I regret going out in my car early in the morning to run instead of just rolling out the door, but the track is easier on my joints and just too far to walk. But this morning it was a good thing, because I knew early that my car wouldn't start. It has been starting sluggishly and I have been worrying how to know whether it just needed a new battery or whether there was something more wrong. After not being used all weekend it couldn't quite get going, and when I tried again later it didn't turn over at all. That certainly suggested that the battery was failing--it didn't show the recovery that a battery usually will. My husband jumped it and I stopped and bought a new battery after dropping my son at school. I bought this car used so I didn't know if it still had the original battery, but the brand on the battery was Motorcraft so it probably was original. The car is a 1998 Ford Escort that now has 120,000 miles on it, so it has certainly earned a new battery. I'm happy that it looks like the problem was so easy to fix.

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