Tuesday, March 08, 2005

belated ride report

I had a lovely bike ride of just over 3 hours on Saturday. The mountain was early in the ride and most of the climb was moderate with occasional level patches. There was one stretch where I was above 90% maximum heart rate for longer than I have ever been before. Downhill was no fun--steep and curving and a rough road so I had to ride the brakes the whole way. Then there was a long flat stretch and I kept my pace up. The last uphill was tough.

The most interesting things I saw were two belted cows, which look to me like they ought to be pigs, and an old apple orchard that had just been pruned. The apple trees were pruned not in the open-center style I am used to but with central trunks like telephone poles and horizontal branches alternating directions, called central leader pruning.

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