Saturday, May 07, 2011

Elizabeth's school formal

Elizabeth's school has an annual formal dance for students in grades 9-12, but seniors make a bigger deal of it so it comes close to being a prom.  Elizabeth has attended all four years; she and her boyfriend got together after going to the formal together freshman year.  She has been looking forward to this year for months, and finally tonight is the night.  I think she went shopping with friends for her dress.  She wasn't happy with her choices of evening bags so she crocheted her own.  Her advisor gave her a ride to a store to buy a black satin ribbon for the strap. 

After watching my friends post pictures of their daughters heading out to the prom, I wished for some way to honor the occasion even though she is in Massachusetts and I am in South Carolina.  So I suggested that I get her flowers.  I checked with her boyfriend's parents and they though he should do it, but he and Elizabeth said they would be glad for me to do it.  I thought I could come up with something different and modern.
I looked at a lot of pictures on the internet, and came up with links to send to the Concord Flower Shop.  The person I spoke to there a week ago said she definitely could do something like the example I found of an upper arm corsage.  I hadn't seen Elizabeth's dress but I knew it was black and white flowers, one shoulder, so we settled on a gardenia and small orchids.  I have only seen a cell phone photo so far, but I think it worked well.

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