Thursday, March 26, 2009

neurologist appointment

John had a neurologist appointment yesterday and I went with him. John reported that he felt things were stable, except that his feet and legs are more swollen (which is associated with Parkinson's). The doctor suggested Lymphedema Therapy for that and will check whether the physical therapist John already sees can do that. I was very pleased to have a doctor suggest something that could help without taking more medication. I think John's walking is on average worse, he shuffles more, but the doctor thought the swelling was contributing to that. I bought John at least 8 pairs of socks with no elastic at the top but he isn't currently wearing them--he says he lost them. That probably means they are in one of the baskets of his clean laundry either in the family room or in the laundry room.

The doctor was concerned about fall prevention. John said the last time he fell was over Christmas. It startled me to have the doctor see the possibility of John going rapidly downhill--I've been focused on not knowing whether that will happen with Aunt Florence.

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