Friday, March 27, 2009


My daughter goes to a very liberal boarding school in Massachusetts. It is so liberal that their textbook for their required sex ed course is by Scarlateen. Today in history class the history teacher asked how many students were feminists. My daughter was the only one who raised her hand. She was shocked by that, and I am too. I'm also proud of her and feel complimented.

I'm probably not going to stay up to watch (via live blogging) Tony finish his marathon swim (26 miles in a pool!), but I am moved by his dedication.

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Joann said...

I don't think most women today think that Feminism is still alive or needed. They seem satisfied with $0.79 on the dollar. I did hear an interesting finding about the economic downturn recently listening to NPR. It turns out that men are being laid off at a rate twice that of women. So maybe we're superior in job security because they get 20% more for less. I also think that Rush Limbaugh, (sigh) which has a lot of Republican credibility, did a terrible thing to Feminism with his offensive "terminology" and vile bile on the topic. Unfortunately, for many people HE is the "authority" on Feminishm." (barf)