Monday, February 09, 2009

too many different directions

We initially thought Florence would go back to her apartment this week, but the physical therapist said it would be better for her to go home on a Monday so it is tentatively scheduled for a week from today. But only if she can get her apartment cleared out enough to be safe. John arranged for someone who has worked for her before to help her, but today they didn't even get to the apartment (in the next building from the nursing home). And that person can only come for a few hours three days this week. I've tried to find someone to help John move some furniture for Florence, but he hasn't followed up on that. I don't know that he has the patience to work with her as she figures out how to rearrange her stuff. The whole project is the kind of thing where John is weak now--visualizing how a series of tasks fit together in order to get them done on schedule.

I don't have the time--even this weekend I'm committed to a local conference all day Saturday. I did call about her scooter, but the person I needed to talk to didn't even call me back.

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