Tuesday, February 10, 2009

getting things done

After letting out frustrations this morning, I went on to have a productive day. Most significantly, I filled out the college financial aid form with estimates, because our taxes aren't going to be done in time (one school has a Feb. 15 deadline). I can't believe it is done. The next thing I need to do is pull together a paper for a professional society meeting at the end of the month. This is going to be a hard week--I've got grading to do, we are going to see our son in a play Thursday night, and then I need to attend a local professional conference with sessions Friday evening and Saturday all day and evening.

I started the process of letting out my frustrations by doing an art work:
It is my character to get stuck on "it's not fair;" I may need to keep letting out those feeling now and then rather than thinking I can get over them. At least I get a kick out of creativity even when I am letting out negative feelings--the figure above is sculpted from paper pulp (like making homemade paper only not flat).

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