Saturday, January 31, 2009

how not to do a simple expedition

I had nothing on my calendar today and so decided yesterday that I wanted to go to Atlanta, about 2 hours drive. My main goal was a large store specializing in ethnic foods which is confusingly named Dekalb Farmers Market. I like to go every couple of months during the winter to buy a box of 56 small grapefruit; I squeeze one for juice for my breakfast every morning. We also buy some vegetables and staples there we can't find around here.

John said he wanted to go so I made plans to have coffee with a friend and then be home in time to leave around 10. It was maybe 10:15 when I got back; I knew he wasn't likely to be on time. It was about 11:15 before we left the house. I did other things while I was waiting for John so I didn't get terribly frustrated. But we both had been looking forward to lunch at a Chinese or Indian restaurant in Atlanta. I had had breakfast before 8 and knew I shouldn't go that long before eating lunch, but I really didn't want to stop at a chain restaurant along the way instead of the ethnic food I had been looking forward to.

It didn't help that I took the time to stop and put air in the tires of John's car (which I was driving because it gets even better gas mileage than mine). A warning light had been on for weeks. I noted it a couple of weeks ago and he said he hadn't had a chance to look in the owners manual for the proper air pressure--I told him it was on the door post but he still hadn't gotten it done. I wasn't going to drive to Atlanta that way.

We decided the closest good lunch was a good Chinese buffet on the near edge of Atlanta, but then I couldn't find it. So then we went further to an Indian restaurant that John knew he could find. But by then it was almost 2 and my blood sugar was so out of whack that food really didn't make me feel better. We did our shopping at Dekalb, but it was terribly crowded. I had been looking forward to the expedition but I really didn't enjoy any of it. We did buy things we will enjoy: grapefruit ($11 a box), red lentils, candy, chutney, chinese eggplant, fennel, cheese, vital wheat gluten for the reduced carbohydrate bread I make...

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