Friday, January 09, 2009

glad it is Friday

John's cough is gone today. I'm still not feeling well. I got home early this afternoon and tried to catch up on various things that need to be done. I got very frustrated trying to fill out college financial aid forms, and I'm afraid I took out some of that frustration on John when I asked him to call his retirement office (forgetting they close early on Friday) and then he kept telling me that the information I needed didn't make sense.

I'm pretty financially savvy, but I had no idea that John's retirement benefits have a value, as an asset, equal to the total that he contributed minus what has been paid out to him so far. On the other hand, an annuity with no payout after the person dies does not count as an asset. Thank heaven for kind people, in this case a financial aid person at the college that is probably our son's first choice. The good news is that I got the Profile form submitted.

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