Monday, December 15, 2008

employment rate is an interesting antidote to panic about the recession.

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Joann said...

Well, it appears you know where to go on the web if you need a job in India. How interesting that you got spam with a word key on your blog. Huh!

Just wanted to finish out 2008 with well wishes for you and John in 2009. It's probably already close to 2009 where you are. In any case, blessings and good wishes for a happy and HEALTHY New Year. I hope that as you transform your living situation you re-form your lives and find nuggets of happiness to treasure in your journey this year. And, I'm crossing my fingers that Clemson will realize what a great thing your program is and commit to it in a significant way. If I was there, I'd want to take your classes. Peace of mind, heart and pocketbook for 2009 are my wishes for you.