Sunday, November 16, 2008

back from an unexpected trip

Our daughter E. was sick and I had a pretty-much free weekend and found low-priced last-minute airline tickets. So I decided Friday morning to fly to Massachusetts that day and she and I spent the weekend at my mother's house (my mother was away). E. had a terrible sore throat but the mono and strep tests thankfully were negative. I cooked her healthy food, like a soup made with sweet potato, carrots, parsnips, apples, and ginger (roast vegetables, puree with chicken stock, heat, add a spoonfull of greek yogurt to each bowl of soup). And we talked a lot.

I suspect that my decision to make the trip shows that I'm learning to be a caregiver. E. was very relieved to get to relax and have her mommy take care of her for a couple of days. By last night her fever was gone and she was feeling somewhat better--it had turned into just a bad cold.

John comes home from Texas tonight. When I called him Friday he sounded somewhat disoriented, but it was apparently because he had just woken up. I hope his travel goes as smoothly as mine did today (mine didn't go so smoothly on Friday--a 2 hours wait on the runway).

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