Saturday, September 20, 2008


I've always liked alone time, so I was surprised when I realized I was feeling a bit at loose ends with John away for a week. But I'm so used to having my time not be my own, between kids and John. Now my kids are away at school and this week John is away (Tuesday to Tuesday).

It is nice to have my time be my own, but I've forgotten how to shape my days in that larger flow, knowing that I won't be interrupted. I could schedule myself but I don't want to be rigid about it; I just want to think about my time in larger chunks.

One think I would like to do is some house organizing, but I find even more of the piles than I realized are John's stuff. I so want to have him have his own part of the house for his chaos. The problem now is that when I clean an area up he takes it over and piles his stuff there.

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