Thursday, August 07, 2008

quick update

I've spent too much time in the lobby where there is wireless internet finishing up grading my online course. It is finally done and the grades entered.

We did go for a hike this morning--our daughter and I went up to Wolf Mountain. John went with us the first part and then turned off on a shorter path home. It is strange to have to stop and wait for him--he used to walk much faster than I do. He said he explained to some people we have been friends with here for several years that he feels like he has aged 15 years in a few months.

Tomorrow will be an exercise in a different kind of caregiving--our son has his wisdom teeth removed. He saw his sister's experience last fall so he is afraid of the pain. I hope I've learned from the other experience to get the pain medication into him more quickly so it won't be as bad.

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