Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day

We don't get Labor Day off--I teach my class as usual tomorrow. The university where I teach doesn't give Monday holidays. We joke that the state thinks Labor Day is a communist plot, but actually it is that science/math/engineering professors who teach on Monday don't want to have fewer class days. We don't even get Memorial Day--the only Monday holiday we get is Martin Luther King day, which they finally realized they couldn't get away with skipping. I'm tired but I ran today so I may try to sleep in a little tomorrow. Swimming at 5:30 am starts Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

Well...this is the first Labor Day in 18 years that I have not been on an academic schedules! In NL, the whole island shuts down for the day, so Cathy and I have videos, computer updates, and cards of the agenda for the day. It is raining and Cathy is recovering from a nasty cold, so it will be an indoor day for us! Will be back in SC on Sept. 6th...with no internet...we'll have to schedule lunch via phone...sorry! See ya soon...JK