Friday, July 04, 2008

What next?

I'm very fond of the Christian folk music of David Bailey, so I signed up to get his email newsletter. Yesterday I got a newsletter in which he told the story of his cancer diagnosis and wrote:
A week after that came the long walk and the epiphany I've told so many about - the one where I yelled "why me" and God showed me a better question: "What now?" So today, 12 years later, I find I am still asking it. And while the answers are still sometimes elusive, I still enjoy asking.
That struck me, though I am trying to figure out the tone of voice of "What now?" I don't think it is "Oh no, what else is going to go wrong?" He may mean it as action: "Given that this is my situation what is the next step?" But it appeals to me in a tone of bemused curiousity that implies we are passengers on a wild ride. What unexpected thing is going to happen next?

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