Thursday, March 01, 2007

race results

The results from Saturday's race are posted, but only through runner 207 who finished at 1:59:58. So apparently there was a 2 hour cutoff time, though I saw nothing on the web site about that and there were still people and a clock at the finish line when I finished (and they took the tab off my race number). I suppose I don't need to know how far I was behind the second-to-last finisher, but it bothers me some not to be listed as a finisher. I emailed the race director a couple of days ago but haven't received any reply.

Ah well, I'm looking forward to my next race: the Sons and Daughters of Dear Old Clemson Road Race. I've not done a stand-alone 10 k before; from two international distance triathlons my personal best for 10 k is 1:15:06. A good goal to try to beat. It may not be easy--the fourth mile of the course is a very long fairly steep uphill on Pendleton Road into Pendleton.

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