Friday, March 02, 2007


I just saw a link and was reminded that I love the article Michael Pollan published in the New York Times magazine a few weeks ago on nutrition. I don't follow all of his ideas, for example I eat a lot of meat in order to eat low carb to control my diabetes. But it is one of the few mainstream places where I have seen the idea:
indeed, many date the current obesity and diabetes epidemic to the late 1970s, when Americans began binging on carbohydrates, ostensibly as a way to avoid the evils of fat.
But I particularly like the debunking of the latest-research approach to nutrition. I do take a vitamin pill since I was diagnosed with diabetes, but I carefully picked one that had moderate rather than high amounts of vitamins and did not try to include all the minerals (I've read too much about copper that sounds worrisome).

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