Thursday, November 02, 2006

one of those days

The swim coach made a big deal about how I was going to break two minutes swimming 100 yards freestyle today and I didn't do it, my best time was 2:03.35. I think I tried too hard and my technique slipped. Swimming is interesting that way--it doesn't give much credit for trying your hardest.

I also coughed a little and had one couldn't-get-my-breath coughing fit. I had finally decided last spring that what I thought at first was exercise-induced asthma was just my overreaction, because it never happened again. But today felt like asthma again, and since it hadn't happened in 6 months I didn't have the inhaler with me. It settled down again ok after the coughing fit, but I did realize when practice was done that my chest felt a little tight.

Then I had bad luck trying to make contact with someone I wanted to talk to on the phone. I had coffee with a friend and then hurried to my office for an appointment with a student, only to find an email saying he needed to reschedule. Hopefully I can get out for a bike ride this afternoon. If that doesn't make the day seem a little better I can go to a centering prayer group at church, but it starts at 6 pm which is a very awkward time for me (it is hard to have dinner ready early enough to eat before and my blood sugar doesn't do well with eating after 7:30).

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