Monday, May 15, 2006

moving my office

Two graduate students and I spent almost 9 hours today moving my office. That included assembling three new bookcases, but the good news is with those added bookcases the books fit with some room left for expansion. There are two more tasks to do--take down the hangings in my old office (one of which is mounted just below the 14 foot ceiling) and carry to the new office the scattered papers still on my desk and other random stuff. I did go through the piles of papers on my desk and recycled a lot!

Probably at least 8 people with seniority over me decided it wasn't worth moving. But I wanted the extra floor space. Instead of room for only one chair for a guest, I have room for a table and four chairs so I can sit down and work with a small group of people. I don't have a 14 foot ceiling any more, but it is a corner office with three windows. Several of my colleagues are going to be sorry they decided not to bother to move when they see what I've been able to do with the space.

Hopefully never again. There are only a couple of offices better than this one so I expect to be in this one until I retire.

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