Monday, May 08, 2006

grades almost in

The trouble with a class of 118 students is that it makes for a lot of loose ends to clean up. I just barely caught an exam I received by email that didn't get printed out for grading. I'm almost ready to get my grades entered.

It feels a little more like the term is over because my daughter is on a field trip all week and so I don't have to leave the house at 7:35 to take her to school. Today I slept until six and then did my long run--7.3 miles. I usually do it on Wednesday but I wanted more recovery time before the big race this weekend. My first longer triathlon is June 11 so I am in a key period in my training for that. Not that I have that structured a plan, but I want to be doing long runs longer than the 10 K race distance so it doesn't seem too hard when I get to it.

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Isis said...

I am a big fan of brick workouts--just to get used to the feeling of biking + running or swimming + running or whatever.

And don't forget to let yourself recover for the race!