Friday, May 12, 2006

getting ready

I've been so much lower key about preparing for the Clemson triathlon than I was last year, but now I'm getting excited. I've set up my bike--pumped the tires, put my saddle cover over my leather saddle, and moved my essential gear into a smaller seat bag. I've packed a daypack--my plan this year is to ride my bike the two miles to the start. My daughter is away on a field trip and my husband will come later. I did pack my wetsuit--it was 50 degrees this morning and so I think I will want it not so much for the water temperature (73 degrees) but for standing around before the start.

Last year the furthest I had run before the race was two and a half miles. I'm a lot stronger in running and swimming this year. What I haven't done is a lot of specific training--no transition practices or open water swimming. Most of all I know more about how much I can push myself. I'm inspired by something I read about how competitors are co-conspirators in the effort to do the best we can. I sent it to Isis before she headed to the masters nationals in swimming and she placed 6th in her age group in her key event!

My dream goal for this race is 1:32--20% faster than last year. That actually would have put me third in my current age group last year, but several other people in my last year's age group will have aged up. I spoke to someone last year who said that as this race has gotten bigger and more popular he has improved his time each year but place lower in his age group each year. This year it is full--469 registered.

Since I can't find my packing list from last year I'm going to write down a list here. It is simpler than it was last year.

banana and other food for beforehand
suntan lotion
race cap

top (I swim in tri shorts and sports bra)
race belt
gloves (I found after swimming my hands were tender)
bike shoes
peanut butter sandwich

running shoes

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