Wednesday, March 29, 2006

long run

Since the week after the half marathon, I have been doing the same 6.2 mile two-loop long run each Wednesday or Thursday, usually getting slightly faster. Today I felt really draggy starting out (we did vertical kicking at swimming this morning, some of it with our arms in streamline sticking out of the water). I told myself that it would start feeling better after a mile, and it did. My splits were:
mile 1: 13:24
mile 2: 12:40
mile 3: 13:20
mile 4: 12:10
mile 5: 12:12
mile 6: 12:43
Mile 3 and mile 6 have the two steepest hills, so I'm particularly pleased with my time for mile 6. I did the route in 1:18:17, compared to 1:18:42 last week, 1:20:12 the week before, and 1:19:25 the week before that.

For dinner we had meatballs in tomato sauce over matchstick-cut carrots, parsnips and zucchini that had been briefly boiled. A lot more interesting than pasta, as well as low carb.

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