Saturday, January 14, 2006

windy day

This morning I timed from 8 am to 1 pm at a swim meet hosted by the club whose masters group I swim with. It just means starting and stopping a stopwatch (or pushing a button and writing down times) and one can sit down except for the finishes, but it is so nonstop--we must have timed over 120 heats in one morning. Sometimes when the faster kids were doing 50 yard events we would start the next heat less than a minute after the previous heat started (not ended, started). There are about 900 kids swimming at this meet so they were trying to run it very efficiently.

I knew it was a miserable day for a bike ride, and going out for my afternoon bike ride knowing that, it didn't seem too bad. Wind averaging 14 mph and gusting to 41, with temperatures in the low 40s and dropping. I just did my 12 mile route out Old Six Mile Road and back past the middle school. It is mostly uphill the first 5 miles--my slowest mile was 8:44. Then there is a mile and a half downhill--my fastest mile was 2:28. You can see I'm enjoying my GPS.


'Zilla said...

Yowzers, great job on the ride... 41 mph! Good on you! :) It's gusting up to 50 mph today after an ice storm (which knocked out our electricity last night... made for a few tense moments as I contemplated on how to keep the pipes from freezing!). :)

Pem said...

Actually, I calculate 2.28 minutes to go a mile as 26 mph. But it felt pretty fast with the cold wind in my eyes. That high wind after an ice storm sounds nasty--watch out for falling icicles!