Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I'm not willing to leave behind the needy child feelings inside me--part of my journey has been to say that such parts of me need to be comforted and healed, not rejected. But yesterday I got a piece of another way of thinking about it. The real issue is not that I need to be taken care of (I'm a pretty independent sort). The real issue is that that child part of me needs to feel that she/I deserves to be taken care of. If I can feel I deserve it then I don't necessarily need it.

My hip is pretty sore--my massage therapist says it is the minimus muscle, which is a hip stabilizer. I went by the running shoe store to get new shoes and the owner cut the soles of my old shoes and said to try that out and see if it helped. I think I'm going to postpone my long run one extra day first.

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