Sunday, January 22, 2006

rainy day

The forecast this morning was for on and off light rain, starting around 10 am. So I hurried out on my bike and got in a 10 mile ride before Sunday school. I knew I wanted to move my long run up this week to Monday or Tuesday, so debated whether to do a short run today. It rained a little while around 9 am; the afternoon was threatening but only a few drops of rain. I decided I would run--my daughter was interested in trying out the 5 K she and my husband are going to walk. I also wanted to try out swimming right after running as a way of stretching, which seemed to help while on vacation. So I ran 3.6 miles and then went to the pool and swam for 50 minutes. Only afterwards did I realize I had done my own triathlon today, though the run and swim were at an easy pace. And it all started from my frustration that the weather prediction was too bad to take a long bike ride.

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