Thursday, December 15, 2005

one of those days

My alarm went off at 5:10 am for swimming. I went outside and there wasn't any ice on the driveway but there was a lot on the trees. I decided I've gone to too many things here in South Carolina in winter weather I thought was driveable only to find the building dark and locked. So I tried to find out if my daughter's school was closed, but it was too early for school closing reports.

About 8 am I called one of my son's teachers and heard that it was raining there but might get colder later, so I decided to try to head on up to pick him up. I didn't see any ice on the roads but the trees were bent over with ice and in many places trees were down blocking one lane of the road. Up at the Eastern Continental Divide on Highway 25 near Hendersonville there was slush on the road for a while, but then it got better again.

When I got to the school their power was out. The transformer at the school had blown, so they weren't expecting to get it back any time soon. I picked up my son, and when we got going he said he wasn't feeling well. We stopped at a barbecue restaurant to get some lunch and he threw up. I took my lunch to go but since the smell had bothered him so much I didn't eat it until I got home. So we set out for home, with my son crying in frustration over having the stomach flu.

We got down off the mountain and then came to a closed road, probably because wires were down. I thought I knew a back way, but I ended up making a circle and coming to the same roadblock again. I followed some cars another way and was able to get past the blocked road without having to sit in the same detour traffic jam a second time.

My son threw up again when we were most of the way home. I had provided him with a bag and at that point I just kept driving, feeling that we most of all needed to get home as quickly as possible. He was saying: "No, Stop, I can't breathe" to his stomach. We made it safely home about 2:30 pm. He has continued to be sick but at least I had a chance to eat and we are at home. We are supposed to be flying to Massachusetts Saturday.

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