Wednesday, December 14, 2005

exam done

I gave my last exam for the semester today. Only one lost sheep who had his schedule wrong and missed it. The next problem is weather--I am supposed to pick up my son tomorrow and the weather report up in the mountains where he is is for freezing rain. At least I got in my long run today, 6 1/2 miles.

I was writing an email today about being an older athlete. I've heard that people who take up running in mid life can expect to improve for 7 years, so I'm certainly still at a point where I can seek to beat my own personal best times. But eventually age wins. I imagined then that the goal might be to run and bike and swim more and more smoothly and efficiently. To flow rather than fight. I read a newspaper article a few years ago that talked about flow as what brings us happiness, and I was excited to be given the words to describe something I knew from experience.

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