Tuesday, September 13, 2005

many directions

I'm busy with STS and professional society business. But beneath that I wonder where I am going. I can't imagine that I can continue to expand in all directions equally. But which one? Last week I was talking about this with my husband and came up with a list of where I might put my additional energy as we move towards an empty nest and as my physical and internal healing gives me more energy. Over the next several years I could:
  • train for an ironman triathlon
  • focus on my spiritual life and expand my calling as a spiritual director
  • put my energy into doing much more with my scholarly research
  • expand what I am doing with Science, Technology and Society

Today for the second time I had a stranger call me looking for a spiritual director, and the conversation went well. I'm so happy to be back to my full training that I decided to do a sprint triathlon this upcoming weekend after all--I had cancelled out in July but they hadn't processed my cancellation. I'm really getting close to finishing the last research project and I'm excited about the next one. Doors continue to open for expanding STS at Clemson. So far I feel called to do it all.

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