Thursday, August 11, 2005

no more sling!

I went to see the orthopedist yesterday and he said I didn't need to wear the sling any longer, can resume normal activities except swimming and lifting anything heavy with my right arm. That was faster than he had originally predicted and my bike isn't ready! I would have liked to get some credit for following all instructions and healing well.

The discouraging thing was I only ran a mile and a half this morning before my knee started to hurt. So I just rode to the bank and the bike shop (less than a mile round trip) on my yard sale mountain bike. Tomorrow I will try a longer ride. The bike shop figured out the problem with my good bike so it should be ready when the part comes in, tomorrow or Monday.

My daughter went back to school today and it makes my son going off to boarding school in a week and a half seem realer. Someone said that when their child went away they got intense about gathering the things the child needed as a way of avoiding their feelings of loss. And I realized that is what I am doing. I don't even know how to feel the loss.

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Isis said...

Congratulations on your recovery--must feel good. We miss you in the pool, but take your time about getting back into things. No need to risk further injury.