Monday, July 25, 2005


It is 97 degrees in this small town with a dew point of 76 degrees. When it is this hot dew point is a more useful number than the relative humidity because such hot air can hold a lot of water vapor--the relative humidity is 50% but it would only take cooling the air down to 76 degrees before the water vapor would have to start condensing out because the air couldn't hold it. The heat index is 110 degrees. I ran 2 miles about 7 am--humid but not unbearably hot and it didn't hurt my shoulder to run.

I ordered a new wheel for my bike--the bike should actually be ready by the end of the week. I have an orthopedist appointment tomorrow. I'm hoping for a better experience than the last time I saw a doctor in this practice, some 15 years ago. I was concerned then about my kneecap that occasionally dislocated and he said that he could cut the tendon on the other side so both sides would be equally weak. I said I would wait until they invented a better cure. A massage therapist taught me to stretch it and it hasn't gone out since.

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Isis said...

Cutting the tendon????? Oy. Good luck at the orthopedist tomorrow and let us know what the prognosis is.