Tuesday, July 26, 2005

doctor's appointment

The orthopedist told me I was very lucky--if I had hit a little further forward on my shoulder I would have broken something. He rated it as a grade 2 to 3 A-C separation. The bad news is that he wants me not to run for two weeks, and predicts I will be off the bike for 3-4 weeks and not swimming for 6-8 weeks. I told him I can't manage my diabetes without exercise and he suggested using an exercise bike. We actually have an old Schwinn Airdyne that I can ride no-handed, but I'm resisting the idea of being able to do only that. Next week we go for a week's vacation in North Carolina, where I have always loved swimming across the lake. At least I can hike.

The obvious thing to do at home is to walk hills in the morning and ride the exercise bike in the evening. But I'm not ready to be flexible and creative yet.


Isis said...

Ugh. I'm sorry to hear about the time away from sports and training: I can really sympathize. Did you ask him about kicking in the pool with a snorkel? That might at least give you some variety, if he would give you clearance.

Good luck with this.

Pem said...

The physical therapist said kicking would be ok so long as I didn't have my arms in front. But I'm going to wait a few weeks first, as right now washing my hair and drying my back and getting dressed are pretty difficult.