Thursday, March 03, 2005

not according to plan

The coach didn't show up to swimming and the lifeguard was late, so we started 15 minutes late. We still got in a pretty good workout, as we paused less between sets without the coach teaching.

When I went back into the locker room I realized I was leaving bloody footprints. My periods have gotten heavier, but it is frustrating to be leaking after less than two hours. I mopped up a little with my towel but that didn't the job. When I was dressed I went and told the older man at the front desk. He looked totally confused until he got that the issue was cleaning up the women's locker room floor. He said he couldn't go in there and asked if he could give me a mop. I said I would gladly clean up my own mess. As I was mopping, someone in the locker room thanked me and asked if I had cut my foot. I explained and got into a conversation with two total strangers about the weirdness of perimenopause. My periods are regular for the first time in my life.

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