Saturday, August 14, 2004

took a dive

I was riding my bicycle today through a mill town and got chased by a dog (a hound). I was going fairly fast downhill and figured I would soon leave the dog behind. It didn't work--the dog was going faster and tried to cut in front of me and I hit it and went flying. I lay a while wondering if I could move, but it turned out I was just scraped and bruised, no muscle or joint pain. Someone came out of a house to help me but when the pain receded I decided I would ride home. My bike was a little out of adjustment but still worked.

My daughter's first question was: "Is the dog ok?"

When I took my bike to the bike shop to be readjusted there were some people hanging around and I asked what to do about dogs. One man said that he yells: "off the couch!" figuring that will get the dog's attention.

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