Thursday, February 20, 2003

stress and rest

We have a job candidate coming in today--I will pick her up at the airport tonight and take her to dinner and then to her hotel. Tomorrow I need to be here for the class she is teaching at 8 am and take her to coffee, then teach my own class at 10, then take her to lunch, then there is a meeting with her in the afternoon. When I'm going to pack I don't know.

When that meeting is over I am leaving for the Convent of St. Helena in Augusta, Georgia, for a two day retreat. The three hour drive should give me some transition time, but still it is going to be either very hard to change gears or a huge sense of relief to get to quiet. I've never been to the convent before--I wish it were the lower stress of a familiar place. And I wish my back wasn't hurting so much. Pray for peace for me.

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