Monday, February 10, 2003

Breathe on me

(updated 2/13) I'm still thinking about the image of breath as an image of hope and life. A little web searching suggests that "breathe on me" is very much a religious and healing image, in music and poetry.
  • "Breathe on me breath of God" was one of the hymns in church yesterday, which felt like the confirmation I needed.

  • A person whose thoughts were helpful to me years ago wrote a web page titled "They still breathe in me".

  • St. Augustine prayed "Breathe in me, Holy Spirit."

  • A friend suggested the image of breathing out weightless silk ribbons that would curl and fill the room.

  • I think of breath creating a space, particularly a safe space for a child cradled in loving arms.

  • Breathing with someone is a way of putting oneself in a place of empathy and connection; I have done it in movement work.

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