Thursday, December 05, 2002

Ice Non-Event

The university closed at 2:30 yesterday until noon today--there was some ice on the trees but in the end we never got any on the roads. Thirty miles north it was a lot worse. But it is frustrating to have missed the last day of my women's history class when the roads were just fine this morning even when I took the kids to school at 8. I really wanted to hear what they might say in summing up issues from the course. Hopefully I will get some of that on the WebCT discussion board and on their takehome exams.

Our power was out for two hours last night and my husband and I struggled with the decision of whether to go to a hotel or stay home and hope it came on and take the risk of being iced into an unheated house. I finally said my gut feeling was to stay home. Ten minutes later the power came on and didn't go out again.

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