Sunday, April 29, 2012

the doubting Thomas story

Susie's sermon today at Peace Congregational Church was about the story that is called Doubting Thomas, because she only got half way through the reading when she preached on it the week after Easter.  What she had to say grew partly out of a story I had told her, and it moved me very deeply.

She started by saying that Doubting Thomas should really be called Brave Thomas, and with a quote from Kahlil Gilbran: "Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother."  She pointed out that Thomas was very brave not to run away or make excuses when Jesus appeared again and invited him to touch Jesus's wounds. 

Then she moved from the story to how she imagined the scene.  She imagined that Jesus reached out and took Thomas's hand, and placed it on his wounds, first each hand and then in his side.   And then Jesus lifted Thomas's chin to see his eyes and invited him to believe.

The story I had told her was about a therapist who literally touched my wound when I asked for that.  I had forgotten the detail that I reached out and placed his hand on my arm. 

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