Thursday, December 29, 2011

second vision correction surgery

I just came back from the ophthalmologist, where I had my day-after-surgery appointment.  20-20 in both eyes!  Happy Dance!!  The 20-20 line of the eye chart was a little clearer with the eye that had surgery last week (clearer than it was the day after surgery), so I'm hoping with further healing for the right eye I will be better than 20-20.  The world is more three dimensional than it was with glasses.

I noticed different things in the second surgery than than first (and I had some trouble getting them to listen to me about what had been done differently the first time).   But I did get my half dose of Versed, and the experience was no worse.  The day of surgery was pretty miserable with the scratchy discomfort of the eye, but I had hope it would feel fine the next morning and it does.  Between surgeries my vision was so confusing that I wanted to stay home most of the time.  Now I want to go out and give my brain lots of opportunity to adapt to my new vision.

I'm still getting used to how I look without glasses.  My first reaction is that I don't like my eyes.

Getting used to reading glasses for actually reading isn't a problem.  I'm wearing them on a chain around my neck so they are with me.  I have a less powerful pair for my laptop (because it is further away), and they sit next to the laptop (I bought a four pairs of $6 reading glasses in some different strengths).  What is hard to get used to is things that mix reading and computer distances, such as cooking, or laptop and middle distances, such as looking at my food and the others at the table when eating.  I need to see how much improvement I get in those things now I have both eyes working together.

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